Great day at the White Rock Spring Dive Meet!

Congratulations to all of our divers who represented the Dolphins on Sunday April 13!  We are proud of all of our competitors, from our pre-competitive group to our Junior Development, Development and High Performance divers.  Below are the results:

Girls Tier 3 – 3M

3rd Jessica Group C

5th Angela Group C

7th Ainslie Group C

3rd Juliet Group D

5th Olivia Group D

2nd Mira Group E

3rd Abby Group E

3rd Sophia Group F


Girls Tier 3 – 1M

1st Jessica Group C

4th Angela Group C

7th Ainsley Group C

2nd Olivia Group D


Boys Tier 3 – 3M

1st Ethan Group E

4th Savion Group E

6th Avery Group E

Boys Tier 3 – 1M

1st Savion Group E

2nd Avery Group E


Girls Tier 2 – 3M

1st Makayla Group A

1st Camryn Group B

1st Sarah Group C


Girls Tier 2 – 1M

1st Makalyla Group A

1st Camryn Group B

5th Sarah Morbey Group C

1st Mira Group E

2nd Abby Group E

Boys Tier 2 – 3M

1st Henry Group E

Boys Tier 2 – 1M

1st Henry Group E

2nd Ethan Group E