Dolphins kick off the Diving Season at the Candy Cane Meet

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Candy Cane meet.  It was terrific to see so many Dolphins out there.  Here are the results:

Boys group D 1m
Henry 1st
Savion 2nd
Boys group D 3m
Henry 1st
Savion 3rd
Boys Group E 1m and 3m
Ethan 2nd both boards
Girls group D 1m
Mira 4th
Abbey 6th
Girls group D 3 m
Mira 7th
Abbey 8th
Girls group B 1m
Sarah 2nd
Camryn 3rd
Kiera 4th
Girls group B 3m
Camryn 2nd
Sarah 3rd
Kiera 4th
Boys group C
Lucas 1m – 5th, 3m – 4th
Benjamin 1m – 4th, 3m – 5th
Girls group F
Sophia 1m – 3rd, 3m – 1st
Girls group E 1m
Evelyn  5th
Allison 4th
Girls group E 3m
Jade 1st
Evelyn 3rd
Girls group E 1m
Jade 2nd
Girls group D 3m
Nicole 4th
Girls group D1m
Nicole 7th
Girls group C 1m
Olivia 1st
Angela 3rd
Alice 5th
Annie 7th
Elena 8th
Girls group C 3m
Olivia 1st
Annie 2nd
Angela 4th
Elena 7th
Alice 9th
oliviagoldFirst place for Olivia!The new swimsuits looked great.
The new swimsuits looked great.Savion, Henry, and Ethan having fun!
Savion, Henry, and Ethan having fun