Dolphins Dominate in Kamloops!

  Kamloops Group C The first dive meet of the year was a great success!  Congratulations to our Dolphins who braved the mountain roads this weekend to compete in the Riptech Fun Dive Meet in Kamloops on Sunday, November 17, 2013.In Tier 3, Kaelan and Jessica both competed in Group D, tying for 1st place on 3 m with a score of 188.5.  Jessica also finished 4th on 1 m.

In Tier 2, our divers also made the podium in all groups.  Juliet came first on both boards in Group E.  In Group D, Sadie also came in first on both boards, and Kaelan placed 2nd on 1 m.  Our Group C contingency finished first (Maggie), second (Camryn), third (Kiera) and fourth (Sarah) on both 1 m and 3m.  The divers scored exceedingly well, with Maggie and Camryn both finishing with over 200 points on 1 m!  Henry, our Group E boy’s competitor, finished first on both boards as well.

Well done to all divers!