Diving Strong in Kamloops!

13 Dolphins made the trip to Kamloops to compete in the Riptech Dive Meet from May 10-11, and all divers performed very well under coach Soraya’s excellent leadership.

Saturday’s Tier 3 Results:

Girls group F – 1m, our youngest dolphin, Sophia came 2nd.

Boys group E – 3m, Ethan came 1st.

Girls group E – 3m, Mira came 1st and Abbey came 2nd.

Girls group D, Juliet came 1st on 3m, and Olivia came 2nd on both 1m and 3m.

Girls group C, Jessica came 1st on both 1m and 3m, Angela came 2nd on 1m and 3rd on 3m, and Elena came 3rd on 1m and 5th on 3m.

Sunday’s Tier 2 Results:

Boys Group E – Henry came 1st on 1m and 2nd on 3m, and Ethan came 3rd on 1m.

Girls Group E – 1m, Mira came 3rd and Abbey came 4th.

Girls Group D – 1m, Juliet came 3rd.

Girls Group C, Maggie came 1st on both 1m and 3m, and Sarah came 5th on 1m and 6th on 3m.

Girls Group B, Camryn came 1st on both 1m and 3m.

Thank-you to all parents who came up for your help and support, to Soraya for her steady encouragement, and to all the divers who put in such great performances and cheered on your team-mates. We are very proud of all of you!